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Memorial Day Parade & Concert

Memorial Day T-Shirts

This year the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Memorial Day Parade Committee is looking for sponsors to help defray the costs of the Parade. Commemorative Sponsor T-Shirts are available for a donation of $25.00 per shirt.


To order a shirt, fill out the attached form here.

Arts & Crafts Fair

The 2nd Annual Arts & Crafts Fair on Alan Augustine Village Green has been rescheduled and will take place on Saturday, June 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


That means there is still time to sign up for participation! Navigate to Community Pass or download an application and return it to the Town Manager's Office at 430 Park Avenue (Map). For more information, contact Leah Zara-Acevedo at letsmonet@gmail.com or 908-873-6278.

Updated Polling Locations

The Board of Elections has changed some of the polling place locations for voting on June 7. Postcards have been sent to affected voters.


Ward 1 - Park Middle School

580 Park Avenue (rear entrance, new gym) Map


Ward 4 - Scotch Plains Public Library

1927 Bartle Avenue Map


Ward 6 - Evergreen School

2280 Evergreen Avenue (rear gym, Cedar St. entrance) Map


Ward 10 - St. John the Baptist Church

2387 Morse Avenue (Fellowship Hall) Map


Ward 12 - William McGinn School

1100 Roosevelt Avenue (lobby) Map


Ward 14 - Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

1571 Martine Avenue (back building) Map


Ward 16 - Southside Firehouse

1920 Raritan Road (back entrance) Map


Ward 17 - Terrill Middle School

1301 Terrill Road (auditorium lobby) Map


Ward 19 - Coles School

16 Kevin Road (gym) Map


Ward 21 - Southside Firehouse

1920 Raritan Road (back entrance) Map


Ward 22 - Southwyck Village Clubhouse (M-W)

1 Carriage Drive, see guard. Clubhouse at 21 Maddaket Court Map


Ward 23 - Coles School 

16 Kevin Road (gym) Map

Swimming Pool Safety

It's that time of year again! The weather is heating up and we are all eager to take a dip in the pool.


Before you dive in, review some essential pool safety tips. New Jersey has some of the most stringent swimming pool codes in the nation.


Did you know that:

  • Above-ground and in-ground pools are treated the same with regard to personal and electrical safety, security
  • If the pool has the capability of holding 24” of water or more, it requires a permit & the security of a code compliant fence

If you are considering the installation of a swimming pool, please do not hesitate to contact the Scotch Plains Department of Inspections, we have pool packages to assist you with permit applications. For more information and details please visit our Swimming Pool Safety page. 

Mayor's Wellness Campaign

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. UV radiation can also come from tanning booths or sunlamps. The most dangerous kind of skin cancer is called melanoma.


The good news? Skin cancer can almost always be cured when it’s found and treated early. Communities, health professionals, and families can work together to prevent skin cancer or detect it early on.


Make a difference: Spread the word about strategies for preventing skin cancer and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved. Read more about how melanoma/skin cancer detection can make a difference.


For more information about public health in Scotch Plains, visit:


Spring Clean-Up

Registration for bulky pick-up has begun. Log in to Community Pass to sign up or mail payment to: Township of Scotch Plains, Dept. of Public Property, 2445 Plainfield Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076.


Permit fee is $115.00.


Section 1 begins June 6 - cut off to purchase permit is Friday, May 27

Section 2 begins June 13 - cut off to purchase permit is Friday June 3

Section 3 begins June 20 - cut off to purchase permit is Friday, June 10

Section 4 begins June 27 - cut off to purchase permit is Friday, June 17


Reminder: All materials must be at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on Monday of the week designated for your section, but not before the preceding Wednesday. Any unauthorized material or materials that exceed the weight limitation as determined by designated officials and/or the contractors will be left at the curb and must be removed by the end of the collection day.


For more information and specific details, visit the Property Messenger section of the website, or call 908-322-6700 ext. 243, 244.

Pilgrim Pipeline

The Scotch Plains governing body opposes the construction of a new

bi-directional pipeline though the Township that would transport crude oil and refined petroleum products between Albany, New York and Linden, New Jersey.  The Township has called for a moratorium on any and all planning, proposal, surveying, or construction of the Pilgrim pipeline due to significant safety concerns. 


To learn more about the CAPP and other municipalities who stand against the Pilgrim Pipeline, visit www.stoppilgrimpipeline.com.

May 2016

Preeclampsia is a syndrome marked by a sudden increase in the blood pressure of a pregnant woman that can affect the mother's kidney, liver and brain, and if left untreated, can be fatal for the mother and/or the baby.


As many as five to eight percent of all pregnancies experience preeclampsia. Possible warning signs include headaches, pain on the right side, vision

abnormalities, swollen face and hands, and rapid weight gain.


Because no specific preventative treatments are known, it is important that

pregnant women experiencing symptoms during pregnancy seek medical

assistance. In addition to doubling the risk of heart attack and stroke, preeclampsia quadruples the risk of high blood pressure later in life.


Public awareness about preeclampsia can emphasize to women the importance of seeking the appropriate medical care when ill. Preeclampsia Awareness Month is an opportunity for our resident to raise public

awareness in order to minimize maternal and infant illness and death due to


1st Annual Scotch Plains Race to Summer 5K

The Township of Scotch Plains will help kick off summer in style on June 23, 2016 with a Race to Summer 5K and FunRun in memory of Patrick J. Allocca.


Registration is available online, and information about the race can be found directly on the Township's website.


For more information visit the Official Race to Summer 5K page or email racetosummer2016@gmail.com

Coming this Summer

In cooperation with the County of Union, the Township of Scotch Plains will provide WiFi accessibility in Ponderosa Park (Map) for all visitors this summer. Enjoy!

New to the Website

Scotch Plains has a contract with Animal Control Solutions which provides services to the Township.  To find a list of services provided, both contracted and non-contracted, visit Departments » Health » Animal Control. For more information, call the local health department at 908-322-6700 ext. 306.

Report a Pothole

To help preserve the local roads throughout Scotch Plains, the Township has implemented a Report a Pothole form online for residents.


The form will notify the Department of Public Property directly via email.

From the Mayor's Office

I am pleased to announce that most if not all of the unsightly new exterior high pressure gas meters and piping installed on Park Avenue properties will be relocated to the interior of the buildings, what is expected to remain on the exterior is an air vent the size of a water spigot. Upon seeing what had been recently installed I immediately contacted Elizabethtown Gas Co. government affairs staff, advising them that these installations had negatively impacted our current plans and goals for upgrading and improving the general appearance of our downtown. After making them aware of my concerns, they promised to promptly review the matter with their engineering staff in an effort to find a workaround solution that could satisfactorily resolve the concerns many within the community and I had.


I am extremely happy with the company’s prompt and professional response and want to thank them personally for keeping their promise to me, and for their civic-minded response to our community.


A timetable for the relocation is in the works, so we can all be very pleased that we were able to resolve this problem with a sensible solution.


Mayor Kevin Glover

Tips from NJ American Water

To download a PDF version of this pamphlet, click here.

Scotch Hills CC Registration

Membership rules, fees, and applications can be found on the Golf Course & Mini Golf page. To download the PDF directly, click here.

Union County Surrogate Evening Office Hours

Mayor Kevin Glover, Union County Surrogate James LaCorte, and Town Manager Al Mirabella.
Mayor Kevin Glover, Union County Surrogate James LaCorte, and Town Manager Al Mirabella.

Union County Surrogate James LaCorte will host evening hours at the Scotch Plains Township Hall (430 Park Avenue, Room 202) on December 14, 2015 from 5-6 p.m. by appointment only. The Surrogate is responsible for administering the estate of a deceased person and judging the legitimacy of wills.


Mr. LaCorte will be available the second Monday of each month throughout 2016 on the following dates:


May 9, June 13, July 11, Aug. 8, Sept. 12, Nov. 14, Dec. 12.


Appointments for Scotch Plains can be made by contacting Mr. LaCorte at (908) 527-4280 Monday–Friday between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Residents also have the availability to download the information sheet and instructions at www.ucnj.org/surrogate/information-sheet