Downtown Redevelopment Survey #1

Downtown Redevelopment Survey Results


The Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee released the results of its month long survey today on downtown redevelopment. 1,290 people participated in the survey aimed to gather input from the community on downtown redevelopment. 86 percent of those who took the survey believe that Scotch Plains downtown needs redevelopment.  


82 percent of participants either strongly agree or agree that redevelopment of our downtown should be a high planning priority for the Township of Scotch Plains. 82 percent strongly agree or agree that the Township should encourage redevelopment with a mix of retail, residential, and offices downtown in order to revitalize the downtown.  


“These survey results confirm what I heard when I was visiting with residents during last year’s election campaign: that Scotch Plains residents want downtown redevelopment,” said Mayor Al Smith. “I will continue to make downtown redevelopment a top priority for my administration. People want a redeveloped downtown with a mix of retail, residential, and offices downtown in order to revitalize our downtown, and we will create a redevelopment plan that fulfills this.”


“There is still much work to be done, but the results of this survey will help guide the Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee and the Township Council as we prepare a redevelopment plan,” added Mayor Smith.  


The survey participants were mostly Scotch Plains residents, business owners, and property owners (91 percent) between 35 to 54 years of age (57 percent). Participants were 66 percent female and 33 percent male. The survey was conducted from 9/20/17 to 10/20/17 and was administered online using the survey platform SurveyMonkey, which was set to accept one submission per IP address. The survey was shared online on the Township website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Friday e-newsletters.


The survey was also administered through hard copies available at Scotch Plains Town Hall, the Scotch Plains Library, and at township events occurring during 9/20/17 to 10/20/17. The survey was not a scientific survey of the population, but an opportunity for those who care about or who are interested in downtown redevelopment to give their feedback and opinions to township leadership.  To view the full report and results of the survey, please click the link below:


PDF Report  

Excel Spreadsheet


For more information on the Downtown Redevelopment Initiative, please visit our website:

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