Downtown Redevelopment Survey

Downtown Redevelopment 23-Point Survey

The Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee (SPDRC) launched a survey today aimed to gather input from the community on downtown redevelopment. Participation in the survey will help guide the SPDRC as it prepares its redevelopment plans. The 23-point survey asks residents everything from “what is your primary reason for coming downtown,” to “what type of housing should be developed downtown?” and “what cultural activities do you support for downtown?” Many directions and decisions will be made based on survey results.


The online survey can be found at,


Hard copies of the survey can be found at Scotch Plains Town Hall, 430 Park Avenue, room 205. After completion, hard copy surveys can be submitted at a dropbox in room 205. Hard copies will also be available at Township events such as Scotch Plains Day on October 1st, 2017.


The online version is set to only allow one submission per IP address. For those who are filling out the hard copy survey, we ask that you please adhere to the honor system and fill out only one survey.  


“I am really looking forward to community participation in this survey,” said Mayor Al Smith, who is Chairman of the SPDRC. “It is important to reach out to the community to ask for their opinions and perspectives on downtown redevelopment. Leaders have to lead by listening, and results from this survey will help the SPDRC as we formulate our redevelopment plans.” 


For more information on the Downtown Redevelopment Initiative, please visit our website:

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