Tier 1, Phase 1 Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Exclusive Conditional Redeveloper Agreement for Scotch Plains Tier 1, Phase 1 Downtown Redevelopment between Advance Realty and the Township of Scotch Plains

On September 17, 2019, the Scotch Plains Township Council approved a Conditional Redevelopment Agreement with Advance Realty for the redevelopment of the Tier 1, Phase 1 section of Scotch Plains Downtown.     

After review of proposals submitted in response to the RFQ/RFP for the Tier 1, Phase 1 section of Scotch Plains Downtown, the Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee determined that the proposal submitted by Advance Realty, as revised, best represents the Township’s vision with regards to downtown redevelopment.     


However, before fully designated Advance Realty as the developer for Tier 1, Phase 1, the Township Council passed a Conditional Agreement requiring Advance Realty to fulfill certain conditions outlined in Schedule A. If those conditions are met and a final Concept Plan is determined to be viable, financially feasible and consistent with the goals and vision of the Township, it is the intention of the Township Council to designate Advance Realty as the redeveloper for Tier 1, Phase 1.     

Click here to read the entire Conditional Redeveloper Agreement.

Tier 1, Phase 1 Downtown Redevelopment Plan

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 -- The Scotch Plains Township Council endorsed the Tier 1, Phase 1 Downtown Redevelopment Plan and authorized the issuance of Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals (RFQ/RFP) for developers to submit plans for development at their September 25, 2018 Township Council meeting.   


The Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment (SPDRC), which consists of residents, business, and property owners, was tasked by the Town Council on March 20, 2018 to work with Township Planners, Harbor Consultants, to write a downtown redevelopment plan to make the downtown more vibrant and encourage a mix of commercial, residential, and recreational uses that promote economic development opportunities for all residents to enjoy. The downtown redevelopment plan was also drafted to help satisfy Scotch Plains’ court-mandated affordable housing settlement requirements.     


On September 12, 2018, all 21 members of the SPDRC unanimously approved the draft downtown redevelopment plan and sent it to the Township Council for endorsement on September 25, 2018. After 34 years of past Township administrations conducting studies and reports, this Township Council moved to endorse a downtown redevelopment plan and seek real proposals from developers to make downtown redevelopment a reality. 


“The Township Council made history last night as the first Township Council to endorse a real downtown redevelopment plan,” said Mayor Al Smith, Chairman of the SPDRC. “I thank my Township Council colleagues for endorsing the plan. We couldn’t have done it without the hard work of the citizen and business leaders in the SPDRC. This is the result of a public-driven process, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have accomplished so far. I am looking forward to the design competition amongst developers to finalize an outstanding plan.”   


“Our public outreach efforts have been second to none,” said Thomas Strowe, Project Coordinator for Redevelopment. “We have had an open and transparent process with over 20 public meetings, posted agendas, minutes, and videos, and key information on the Township website and social media. We have sought community input at Township events and through town-wide surveys, which over 4,200 people participated in.”   


The downtown redevelopment plan endorsed by the Township Council is for the municipally-owned, public properties. Based on the concept sketches featured in the plan, the potential impact of the public properties build-out plan includes:


Residents, Business, and Property Owners who want to review the Downtown Redevelopment Plan, PowerPoint and video presentation, of the plan please see below.


The downtown redevelopment plan sets the guidelines and standards, while satisfying our affordable housing settlement requirements, to create a design competition among developers for the best proposal(s) for downtown for Township consideration. The Township maintains full control over its public properties and has full negotiating power with developers to finalize a plan for downtown. The RFQ/RFP is expected to be released in the coming weeks.   


Questions about the plan can be directed to Thomas Strowe, Project Coordinator for Redevelopment, at (908) 322-6700 ext 317 or tstrowe@scotchplainsnj.com.

Township Planner Report: Tier 1, Phase 1 Redevelopment Plan (PDF)

Township Planner Harbor Consultants introduced the Redevelopment Plan for Tier 1, Phase 1 section of the Scotch Plains Downtown, and was endorsed by the Scotch Plains Township Council at their September 25, 2018 Business Meeting. The Council has authorized the issuance of Request for Qualifications / Request for Proposals (RFQ/RFP) for developers to submit plans for development.


Click here or the graphic above to view the in-depth report.

Downtown Redevelopment Plan of Tier 1, Phase 1 in Downtown Scotch Plains (Powerpoint Presentation)

Mayor Al Smith and the Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee (SPDRC), working with Township Planners Harbor Consultants, presented their Tier 1, Phase 1 downtown redevelopment plan during the September 25, 2018 Council Business Meeting. 


The full presentation can be viewed by clicking here

Top 5 Downtown Redevelopment Goals (Powerpoint)

Mayor Al Smith opened the special Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee meeting with a presentation of his 5-point plan and goals that will be accomplished by passing the downtown redevelopment plan. 


The full presentation can be viewed by clicking here

Scotch Plains Council Business Meeting on Tier 1, Phase Downtown Redevelopment Plan (Video -- 9/25/2018)

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