Nutritional Challenge with Lori Sternberg

Day 1

5 Min Just For You


Day 2

Increase Your Vitamin C


Day 3

Cooking Methods Matter


Day 4

Put Your Fork Down Between


Day 5



Day 6

Can you leave 2 bites on your plate.


Day 7

Serving Size


Day 8

Carbs yes/no


Day 9

What’s in your smoothie?


Day 10

Let’s Add vs Subtract

Day 11
Can you add vegetable? 

Day 12

Let’s Experiment


Day 13



Day 14

Healthy Poop


Day 15

Team Sweet Potato or Team White Potato


Day 16

Counting Calories vs Food Journaling


Day 17



Day 18

Sour Dough Bread


Day 19

What’s the word on protein.


Day 20

Complete Proteins vs Incomplete Proteins


Day 21

Trigger Foods


Day 22

If you can’t make it better, make it little less worse.


Day 23

What’s the best diet?

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