Basketball Programs

2019-2020 Winter Youth Basketball

League (3rd-8th Grade)


Registration opens October 8th at 10:00 am for Scotch Plains Residents.  


Registration opens October 10th at 10:00 am for Non-Residents.


Click here to register:



  • All teams are coached by volunteer coaches
  • We aim to have 2-3 coaches per team
  • Coaches are responsible for drafting teams 
  • Coaching partner requests are not guaranteed
  • A mandatory pre-season meeting will be scheduled and announced at a later date


To volunteer as a coach, please fill out the form below and send it to Julie Buonaguro:




Land Mail: 430 Park Avenue, Office #113, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076



2019-2020 Winter Basketball League - Volunteer Application
2019-2020 Winter Basketball League - Vol
Adobe Acrobat Document 413.3 KB


Evaluations will be scheduled prior to the start of the season.  All players are required to attend.  Evaluation scores are extremely helpful for coaches to use when drafting teams.  


Once details are finalized, all registered families will receive an email containing specific details about when/where evaluations will be held.



Substitution Chart
To help you easily track player rotations between segments
Basketball Substitutions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 227.1 KB


The purpose of the Substitution Chart is to facilitate equal playing time.  The Chart helps coaches and staff easily track player rotations between segments.


Games are divided into 8 segments:

  • 1st Quarter - A
  • 1st Quarter - B
  • 2nd Quarter - A
  • 2nd Quarter - B
  • 3rd Quarter - A
  • 3rd Quarter - B
  • 4th Quarter - A
  • 4th Quarter - B

If a player is found to be playing out of turn while a segment is underway:

  • The team will be penalized with a technical foul that results in 2 free throws
  • The opposing team will get possession of the ball after the free throw attempts are made
  • If this occurs in the last segment of the game and overtime follows, that player will only be permitted to play 1 segment in overtime 

No player is allowed to play 3 segments consecutively when there are more than 6 players

  • This includes injuries, as well as playing 2 segments at the end of the 1st half and the 1st segment of the 2nd half

Player substitution rules depend on the amount of players on your roster:

  • 6 players: 4 play 7 segments / 2 play 6 segments
  • 7 players: 5 play 6 segments / 2 play 5 segments
  • 8 players: 8 play 5 segments
  • 9 players: 4 play 5 segments / 5 play 4 segments
  • 10 players: 10 play 4 segments
  • 11 players: 7 play 4 segments / 4 play 3 segments
  • 12 players: 4 play 4 segments / 8 play 3 segments



Clinic (K-2nd Grade)


We are working to finalize details for this program.  Please check back for more information soon.


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