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Cancellation Process:

In the event that a scheduled activity needs to be cancelled due to weather or something else unexpected, the Department of Parks and Recreation will work to make the cancellation call prior to 4:00 pm so participants can plan accordingly.  If a cancellation is confirmed prior to 4:00 pm, the message will be posted here and on our Facebook page.


After 4:00 pm, the Recreation Office is closed.  At that time, cancellations will be at the discretion of our game day staff.   Once a cancellation is confirmed, the message will be posted on our Facebook page which can be accessed through any of the following buttons labeled FIELD STATUS and COURT STATUS. 


If you are participating in our tennis or soccer programs run through U.S. Sports Institute, click on the U.S. Sports Institute button below to be taken directly to their website where the information will be posted.


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