Shawnee Ski/Snowboard Program

How the Program Works

 The Recreation Department coordinates 5 Friday trips up to Shawnee Mountain.  Participants will register for the program through Community Pass.  The registration fee covers bus transportation ONLY.


Once registered through Community Pass, a special Scotch Plains club link to Shawnee's website will be sent out.  From there, you will need to purchase "Add-Ons." Examples of Add-Ons include: lift tickets, equipment rentals, lessons, and meal vouchers.  Lift tickets are mandatory.  Participants may bring their own equipment (HELMETS ARE REQUIRED) and their own food.  




Once all participants purchase Add-Ons, Shawnee mails Add-On vouchers to the Recreation Department.  Once available, vouchers can be picked up at the Recreation Department.  Registered families will be notified of pick-up dates and times once they are finalized.


On trip days, buses will depart from the Shady Rest parking lot at 3:30 pm sharp and will return back to Shady Rest at approximately 11:00 pm.  


Location: Shady Rest at Scotch Hills Golf Course / 820 Jerusalem Road in Scotch Plains


Chris Dill will be the Head Chaperone again this year.  Chris has done an excellent job in past years and we are thrilled to have her back!  In addition to Chris, we are in need of at least 12 chaperones for each trip.  If you are able/willing to volunteer, it does not have to be for all 5 trips.  You can select the trips in which you are available.  Also, ski/snowboard experience is not required!  Chaperones can either ride the slopes or manage or station inside of the lodge.


***THE RECREATION DEPARTMENT DOES NOT COORDINATE CHAPERONE SCHEDULING.  The Recreation Department compiles a list of chaperones and their availability and then forwards to Chris Dill to manage.  Chris typically leans on returning chaperones for the first couple of trips and does her absolute best to give every chaperone a chance to participate.   



Chaperone Responsibilities:


1. Safety


The safety of participants is the primary concern at all times.


2. Communication


Chaperones will be provided with Chris Dill's phone number (Head Chaperone).  Contact Chris for any major issues encountered on the mountain.  Participants' cell phone numbers will also be accessible to you so they can be reached while on the mountain.


3. Conduct


Participants and chaperones must remember they are representing the Township of Scotch Plains.  Participants are expected to be on their best behavior both on and off the slopes.  Foul language and the use of illegal substances will not be tolerated.  If poor conduct occurs, serious action will be taken and may result in participants losing their badge for the season.


4. Shifts


All chaperone trip assignments are coordinated by the Head Chaperone based on availability provided on the volunteer application.  If you are unable to go on a date you are scheduled, you must contact the Head Chaperone IMMEDIATELY.  Depending on what is needed for each trip, chaperones will be assigned to ski, snowboard, or manage the club table inside of the lodge.  Two chaperones should be at the table at all times, as this is our club's "home base" location.  Chaperones who plan to ski/snowboard should check with the Head Chaperone about complimentary lift tickets from Shawnee.


5. Arm Bands


The Department of Parks and Recreation has provided neon orange arm bands for each participant to help identify our group vs. other groups.  (PLEASE RETURN THESE AT THE END OF THE SEASON).  All add-ons will be kept inside the arm bands.  Ensure that all bar codes are facing up to ensure faster scanning and less mistakes.


6. Transportation: Leaving Scotch Plains


Buses will leave Scotch Plains at 3:30 pm sharp each trip day.  All chaperones, other than the ones noted to drive, will ride the buses with the participants.  On each bus, there will be at least 1 chaperone sitting in the front of the bus and at least 1 chaperone sitting in the back of the bus.  Buses will be numbered #1 - #4.  8th graders, new participants, and/or participants who purchased lessons must ride on Bus #1.  Participants who purchased rentals must ride on Bus #2.  Whatever bus the participant rides to Shawnee, he/she must ride the same bus back to Scotch Plains.  Chaperones must take attendance when participants get on the bus in Scotch Plains and when participants get back on the bus at Shawnee.  


All buses will have a bag that will contain a first aid kit, informational binder, garbage bags, and other necessary supplies.


Food/snacks are permitted on the bus.  However, participants and chaperones are responsible for making sure buses are left cleaner than when they arrive.  Otherwise, the group as a whole will lose the privilege of having food/snacks on the bus.  Chaperones are responsible for walking up and down the bus aisles throughout the trip to ensure all garbage is collected.


7. Transportation:  Arrival at Shawnee


Prior to getting off the bus, explain to each participant that they should be taking off equipment, returning what was rented, and should head back to the bus by 9:00 pm.  If they want something to eat, this must be done prior to 8:00 pm.


Park >>> Lodge >>> Rentals >>> Lessons


When the group disembarks from the bus in the designated parking area, one chaperone should check in at Group Sales while other chaperones take everyone to the lodge (to our chosen seating area).  All personal belongings can be stored inside the lodge.  When renters are ready, a chaperone will escort the renters to the front of the rental shop and then out the back door to the lessons.  When non-renters are ready, a chaperone will escort lesson takers to the Learning Center to meet up with the rest of the group.  Lessons do not begin until all scheduled participants are present!


8. Transportation: Departure from Shawnee Back to Scotch Plains


Everyone should be back on the buses by 9:45 pm.  If any injuries occur on the mountain, chaperones must communicate with the Head Chaperone about staying behind with the injured participant and work to coordinate separate transportation back to Scotch Plains.  Chaperones will take attendance prior to departure.  No boots are permitted back on the bus after skiing/snowboarding.


2020 Shawnee Chaperone Application
2020 Shawnee Ski Chaperone Application.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 319.4 KB

If you are able to chaperone for any of the trips, please fill out the application below and return it to Julie Buonaguro:


430 Park Avenue

Office #113

Scotch Plains, NJ 07076


Missed Trips

Our chaperones take attendance each trip.  You do not need to let us know if your child will be missing a trip UNLESS your child will be picking up rental equipment at Shawnee and/or your child is signed up for lessons.  If this applies to you, please contact our Head Chaperone, Chris Dill, directly: 908-591-2911 /


At the end of our season, Shawnee will cross reference our chaperones' attendance list to generate vouchers.  If your child missed any of our 5 trips, Shawnee will provide one voucher for him/her to use at another time (separate from our scheduled trips).


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