Tennis Programs

Through U.S. Sports Institute (USSI), we will be offering tennis programs that cater to all ages and ability levels.  


Age-appropriate programming will provide participants with a positive experience from start to finish.


For more information, please visit the USSI website:




Squirts Tennis:

  • Fun-filled learning adventure that introduces children aged 3-5 to the world of tennis
  • Great way to learn the sport's fundamental skills in a fun and low-pressured environment
  • Program follows guideline set out by the United States Tennis Association
  • Children will quickly develop their skill base and knowledge of the game through a series of games and activities designed to ensure learning
  • All sessions are conducted using age appropriate equipment and court sizes

Foundation Tennis:

  • Designed to introduce players to the fundamentals of tennis including stroke technique, serving, court awareness, and rallying.
  • Activities are delivered in a low-pressure, yet energetic environment which ensures optimal learning
  • Program is open to new players, as well as those with some experience looking to gain a stronger foundation in the sport

Development Tennis:

  • Designed for players who have previous playing experience and a good understanding of the fundamental skills required for tennis
  • Players will work toward refining their technique, generating consistent rallying skills, and grasping how to dictate direction of play to make game winning shots
  • To participate, players should know how to demonstrate a controlled forehand and backhand technique, basic serving action, and have some understanding of the rules of the sport
  • Ideally, players should have completed a U.S. Sports Institute Foundation Tennis class prior to joining this program

2021 Spring Tennis at Kramer Manor Park

Address: 1950 Evelyn Street in Scotch Plains

Registrations for U.S. Sports programs are not done through Community Pass like our other programs. 

They are done through U.S. Sports directly.



Phone: 866-345-BALL



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