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Below are Ordinances that are new or pending for 2017:

ORD 2017-01: Ordinance repealing Article 7-14A  (Traffic Control at  Construction Site) of Chapter VII entitled “Traffic” and replacing with a new Article 2-19A (Traffic Control for Construction) in Chapter II entitled “Administration” establishing traffic control standards and requirements for construction and road repairs in the Township of Scotch Plains. 

Introduced: 1/17/17; Adopted: 2/21/17; Final Publication: 3/2/17


ORD 2017-02: Ordinance appropriating the sum of $185,000 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation in connection with the project known as “East Second Street (Sec. 2), Milling & Top Course Paving.”

Introduced 1/17/17; Adopted 2/21/17; Final Publication: 3/2/17


ORD 2017-03: Ordinance to enact Article 2-38 (Health Benefits) in Chapter II  (Administration) of the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Scotch Plains to prohibit part-time and appointed officials from receiving health benefits from the Township.

Introduced: 1/17/17; Adopted: 2/21/17; Final Publication: 3/2/17


ORD 2017-04: Ordinance to amend Article 28-7 (Tow Rates) in Chapter XXVIII (Towing and Storage Services) of the revised general ordinances of the Township of Scotch Plains to amend the basic tow rates and rates for extra tow service.

Introduced: 2/21/17


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