NJ Local Government Week 2021

Scotch Plains joined municipalities statewide to celebrate "NJ Local Government Week" during the week of Sunday, April 18 through Saturday, April 24. 


Municipal government works closest to the people. It is important that Scotch Plains residents understand how their local government operates, the services it provides, and the importance of active volunteer involvement to continually improve the local quality of life.  


"NJ Local Government Week brings awareness to the many different types of public services that we offer to our residents, small business owners and patrons who visit Scotch Plains," said Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Stamler. "It is a great, week-long opportunity to engage our community while celebrating the role that local government plays in our everyday lives."  


For more information on NJ Local Government Week, visit www.njlm.org/934/NJ-Local-Government-Week.

Photo Gallery: NJ Local Government Week 2021

As part of NJ Local Government Week, Mayor Josh Losardo, members of the Township Council, as well as municipal administration and emergency responders, hosted a Business & Economic Development Roundtable with local business owners on Tuesday morning.  Town officials discussed the ongoing plans for redevelopment in the downtown as well as other economic development priorities during a casual, hour-long event on the outdoor patio of the Stage House Tavern.


In addition, the township dedicated a video for each day of the week on its social media channels, to educate the public on public services offered to residents in the community.

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